The Baltimore Ravens were among the most impressive NFL teams in week one.  They looked like they haven't lost a step from last season.  Joe Flacco was nearly perfect, and both Ray Lewis and Ed Reed appear to be ageless.  (even though Reed may have tweaked his hammy after his pick six)

"Sports Spin" caught up with longtime Baltimore media personality Jamie Costello.  Costello was obviously stoked about what he saw from the Ravens, but he also gave the Baltimore perspective on the late but polarizing Art Modell.  As vilified as he is in Cleveland, he is seen in Baltimore as the man who brought NFL football back after a twelve year absence.

Later in the interview Costello gave a shout out to the troops at Fort Bliss and we found out his brother, the late Lt. Gen. John "Jack" Costello, served at Bliss five times, including one as a commander.  The headquarters for the 1st Armored Division on base is even named for him.