Super Bowl XLVII hasn't even been in the books for 24 hours, but some early Super Bowl odds for the 2013 season have been released.

The crack staff at has listed the New England Patriots as the favorites at 7 to 1.  Here are the odds for everyone else in the NFL.

49ers:  8 to 1

Broncos:  8 to 1

Packers:  10 to 1

Texans:  14 to 1

Ravens:  14 to 1

Seahawks:  16 to 1

Falcons:  18 to 1

Saints:  18 to 1

Steelers:  18 to 1

Giants:  20 to 1

Redskins:  30 to 1

Cowboys:  30 to 1

Bears:  30 to 1

Bengals:  35 to 1

Lions:  40 to 1

Vikings:  40 to 1

Colts:  40 to 1

Chargers:  40 to 1

Eagles:  50 to 1

Panthers:  50 to 1

Jets:  50 to 1

Dolphins:  50 to 1

Rams:  50 to 1

Chiefs:  50 to 1

Buccaneers:  60 to 1

Browns:  66 to 1

Cardinals:  100 to 1

Bills:  100 to 1

Titans:  100 to 1

Raiders:  150 to 1

Here are some thoughts.  New England, San Francisco, and Denver are safe picks but there is little value there.  I consider value to be 10/1 and higher.  Green Bay is intriguing at 10/1.  As long as Aaron Rodgers is under center they have a chance.

I don't love Houston or Baltimore at 14/1 because it's hard to repeat and I don't know if the Texans are ready for primetime quite yet.

Seattle looks juicy at 16/1, but I need to see more than one good season from them.  I would be all over Atlanta at 18/1, but I'm not convinced the Falcons have a championship defense.

I think the window is shutting on New Orleans and Pittsburgh so I would throw them out, even at 18/1.

The best bang for the buck is the Giants at 20/1.  When healthy and motivated, there is no better team in professional football.  The problem for 'big blue' is getting into the tournament.  With Super Bowl XLVIII at Met Life Stadium, they may have added incentive.

There are some long shots that intrigue me.  A 30/1 price for Dallas balances the Romo/Jerry Jones factor.  Barring a sophomore slump from RGIII, I like the Redskins at 30/1.  Marc Trestman has no experience as an NFL head coach, but Chicago isn't looking terrible at 30/1.

I would also take fliers on the Colts at 40/1, the Chargers at 40/1, and the Eagles at 50/1.  These three teams are unlikely to be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy next February, but the price is hard to ignore.