The internet is applauding this Texas Tech broadcaster who accomplished this impressive catch during a game last week. While the Texas Tech baseball team may have been excited they won their Big 12 matchup with West Virginia, the internet seems to be more impressed by a moment that didn't happen on the field.

During the game, Texas Tech infielder Jave Jung hit a foul ball that soared into the broadcast booth, per CBS Sports. That's where Texas Tech radio announcer Geoff Haxton was calling the game and even said the ball was "coming right at us." The Red Raiders radio announcer used his quick reflexes to grab the ball before it hit him.

The catch was impressive but Haxton told the catch was painful:

"It hurt really bad for two hours afterwards and then the swelling just kind of went down. It ended up being really fun. I caught the thing mostly with my left index finger, that's where the pop really happened. But it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. It hurt terribly."

While most normal human beings wouldn't be able to achieve such a feat, Haxton was a catcher at a small college in Oklahoma for a few years, so he played baseball in his younger years. Thankfully, he still has those quick reflexes to help him out. Not to mention he was paying attention to where the ball was going. You can see the impressive catch in the video below.

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