With the growing threat of COVID-19 many sports organizations are making the decision to cancel or delay big events. In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, MLS made the announcement to suspend play for 30 days beginning today. Shortly after, the USL Championship also decided to suspend play for a minimum of 30 days, beginning today. Unfortunately for us here in El Paso, that means that the EP Locomotive will not be making their return to Southwest University park this weekend.

Taking to social media, the FC made the announcement:

While many fans are bummed out, most of them certainly understand. It's a sad but necessary step to ensure that not only the players and staff stay safe, but also all the Locomotive fans. The announcement does say that their intent is to have Locomotive matches be played later this season, which will mean warmer weather. For now, though, you can keep track of any updates the Locomotives have by following them on Twitter, Facebook and on their official website.

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