If you're an avid listener of the Morning Show, then you know what "The Urban Dictionary Game" is. One of us chooses a term straight out of Urban Dictionary (an online dictionary for slang words) and we get to guess what the definition is.

Awhile back, I found out that "El Paso" was actually a term in Urban Dictionary. I didn't even think that Urban Dictionary would even have a definition for El Paso, but of course it did. Then, while scrolling through Twitter, I found a term that was perfect for the Urban Dictionary game.

The great thing about the term is that it's totally an El Paso phrase. I've heard the term a lot and I've even used it myself! Check out the Tweet and see if you've used or heard the phrase before.

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Let's set this up like the Urban Dictionary game- because this phrase is actually up on Urban Dictionary. The phrase today is: "poking ass". I'll let everyone write down what y'all believe it means.

Now, let's find out what Urban Dictionary says:

Poking Ass (verb) used to describe someone who is taking forever, probably because they are just sittin there poking their ass. 

That is definitely how I've used the term before! Here's an example:

"Where the hell is Buzz? He's poking ass coming back from the bathroom!" 

I don't think I ever realized that the phrase was just an El Paso thing- yes, it's possible that other places use the term; the phrase is on Urban Dictionary that means others totally use it. Wherever you may hear the phrase, we all know what it means- it's code for "hurry the hell up!"

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