I don't know how but, somehow, El Paso has made it to a list of "happiest cities in the nation". I checked, it's not El Paso, COLORADO, it's actually El Paso, TEXAS! The 915, the Sun City.

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If you're wondering why I'm so shocked, it's not because I don't think it's a happy place, it's because I'm so used to people always complaining about El Paso and hoping to one day escape it.

Well, despite several naysayers, this Community Well-Being Index report, that is produced by Gallup and Healthways, ranks El Paso as one of the happiest cities in the nation. El Paso comes at number 2 and they say:

The most populous city in West Texas ranks in the nation’s top 5 on the personal purpose component. Happy workers are the city's strong suit, and the city ranks well for compensation, low cost of living, job opportunities, and work-life balance.

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El Paso's highest scoring area was in personal purpose. Which is weird because I usually hear a lot of people complaining about work, compensation and job opportunities. In fact, most recently, one of our El Paso hacks was simply to leave the 915.


I'm not entirely sure how this report found these stats on El Pasoans being happy, but I feel like if they just went around the city for awhile, they would probably change it back.

However, I'm pretty happy in El Paso. Did I ever think about leaving? Of course I did! But, in the end, I learned how to embrace the Sun City, flaws and all.

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