One of my neighbors has chickens, or a rooster, in their backyard. How do I know this? Because on Sundays, when I'm trying to sleep in, that damn rooster is crowing at all hours of the early morning. It's loud!

Now, I'm not saying I'm surprised that there are chickens in this person's backyard, but it is a little weird that someone has a chicken in the middle of a regular neighborhood, right? I usually see this in more rural neighborhoods.

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But this did get me thinking, what are some other weird, or unexpected things you'd find in a typical El Pasoans home? Well, I asked our faithful Facebook followers.

Well, I didn't really expect this to garner so many comments as it did, and some of your answers were BRUTAL, but honestly, didn't really see any lies!

Out of all the responses, here are 14 things you'll definitely find in an El Pasoans backyard.

Things You'll Find in An El Pasoans Backyard

And one of the most overwhelming answers we got? A rock wall!

Apparently, you don't see the rock wall fences we have here in other places- and for most of you who live outside El Paso, you really miss those rock walls separating you and your neighbors yards!

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