There's no denying that El Paso has its own language; I'm sure lots of other places across the world have developed their own jargon in which you can take ordinary words and it's suddenly only understandable in their own region.

In El Paso, we have quite a few words and phrases we've adopted into our own language. I've written about this before, where I turned El Paso slang into an Urban Dictionary game and where I explained the many uses of this phrase.

And now, Twitter is getting in on the fun after user @winklebaddie asked this very important question:

What IS such an El Paso thing to say? It got quite a few replies like:

Right now right now or later later?

We all know that "right now" can mean immediately, or sometime in the near future!

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You've probably heard this one- that mentions El Paso's famous tacos:

You're not from EP if you haven't had Chicos

I would have to disagree with that one; I know quite a few born and bred El Pasoans who NEVER have had Chico's!

'let me just flip a bitch at the light' My friends were very confused, about what I was gonna do at the light

Doe no one else use the "flip a bitch"?!

Other answers included:

  • Ay wei!
  • La neta!
  • No mames!
  • Arres!
  • Que rollo?!

And one of my personal favorites:

What high school did you go to?

That question is one you can use both in and out of El Paso; I know I've definitely heard that question out of town- it's the way you can gauge where in El Paso is from.

Have you heard any of these? Let us know in the App Chat!

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