The first ‘Trials HD’ game opened some interesting doors for downloadable games. It took a simple side-scrolling concept and turned into one of the most complex, engaging and challenging driving games of any genre. It’s poised to make another run down the track and judging by the trailer and screenshots of the preliminary product, it’s bound to be anything but just “another run.”

The sequel builds on the successes it achieved in the first groundbreaking game by adding a ton of new features and modes to it including a sweet looking multiplayer addition.

Trials Evolution

It also lets you ride more than just a dirt bike. An early trailer features a dune buggy, a fighter jet view from the cockpit and even a flying mode that looks like something some schmoe from a silent film thought could make him fly if he just attached it to his wings and threw himself off a cliff .

The most impressive and fun looking feature is a new track editing mode that lets players build their own trial track from any of the game’s stylish backgrounds, jump ramps and obstacles. Think of it as ‘Little Big Planet’ with unleaded gasoline and a serious chance of neck and spine injuries.


If all of this high octane goodness has you climbing the walls to play it, thankfully you won’t have to wait for very long. The sequel will be released Wednesday on the XBox Live Arcade.

Check out the launch trailer below.