Everyone remembers grade school and the annoying, smelly guy that would give people 'wet willies.'  Nobody liked him then, and certainly nobody would appreciate that as an adult.  I can't say I'm surprised, but it appears as if the Maverick's Delonte West was that guy in school.

Anyone who has followed the NBA the past decade knows that West is a 'different cat' to say the least.  He was rumored to have slept with Gloria James.  Despite a decent amount of talent, perhaps his peculiar personality is the reason he has played for so many teams in his career.

In last night's game against Utah, West displayed his immaturity by poking Gordon Hayward in the ear.  Whether West licked is finger before inserting it into Hayward's ear hole is still up for debate.

The former Butler star dropped 24 points in Utah's 123-121 triple overtime victory.