During a track meet in New York City, a volunteer was taken out by a runner as he won the race. He really didn't let anything get in his way to victory.

Taylor McLaughlin of New Jersey's Union Catholic High School was going so fast that he won the 400 race, but also too fast to stop from knocking the woman out. The woman attempted to pick up the finish tape that fell to the ground, but ended up hitting joining the tape, as McLaughlin rams into her. He said he did see the woman, but he just couldn't stop.

Unfortunately, McLaughlin ended up being disqualified for stepping out of his lane earlier in the race. The only good thing to come from this incident would have to be the new track terminology, "Wham-sauce" from the broadcaster. This word should be used in more broadcasts, whether they be national or local. It has a nice ring it, since he describes destroying people's pride.