Home is where the heart is, but in El Paso, home is where you open the oven to pull out the pots and pans. But the kitchen, that's where the heart of an El Paso home is at. The kitchen is where the entire family congregates during the day or right before, to make dinner, gossip, eat a quick snack, or spend time teaching those family traditions we don't want to see disappear. For me, the kitchen is the area in the home where I spend the most time, either hanging out with my friends and family or whipping up some scrumptious items full of love. After, I spend quite a bit of time cleaning that place up, so yeah, the kitchen is the center of my home, figuratively and physically.

An El Paso kitchen is different than a kitchen you'd find in other areas of the country. There are some items that no matter what you have, even if you don't know why. It's something you keep out of necessity, or because you've never had a home where that item wasn't present. It's comforting to know so many of us can look at one kitchen item and it can just make us smile because it reminds us of a beloved mother, nana, or even just a fond childhood memory. We asked some El Pasoans what items they have in their kitchen, or what items they see in every kitchen in this community. Here are some of the items you're guaranteed to find in every kitchen in the Sun City.

Things You Only Find In An El Paso Kitchen

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