Normally March 31 is when we prepare for all kinds of desmadres people will throw your way on April 1. Everyone has that one friend who lives for pranking people every year on April Fools' Day.

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Today is the day people will doubt every single thing that may sound crazy that comes out of your mouth. But we can't blame them for doubting since it is a day to get fooled.

Now none of us enjoy getting fooled especially when you have family and friends who won't ever let you live that moment down. On April Fools' Day, you need to make sure you have physical proof to back up what you're claiming.

Today your newsfeed probably blew up with pictures about an In-N-Out or The Cheesecake Factory coming to El Paso. But after years and years of seeing the same tease we know to just laugh it off.

But just watch, knowing our luck if we get any of those popular food chains on April 1 we would need solid proof such as a blueprint. Now my friend Eric Vasquez is in the film industry in California and can have In-N-Out whenever.

He is always busting my chops about how Whataburger is better than In-N-Out which I beg to differ. But there are some El Pasoans on my Facebook newsfeed sharing the times they leave El Paso by posting pictures of the food.

But another spot El Paso is hoping to get one day without having to cross some back like the Cheesecake smuggler. Last year my homie Rob made sure his trip wasn't a waste and made sure to smuggle some back from his trip to El Paso.

Another spot that El Pasoans would dig is Panera which I certainly enjoyed for the first time in Albuquerque last year. But if there are any April Fools' jokes El Paso wish were true it would be to get an In-N-Out, The Cheesecake Factory, and Panera.

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