There were plenty of pranks on April Fools' Day in the world of sports including Los Angeles Angels player Garrett Richards, but this one features an NBA Superstar pranking his teammates.

Kevin Durant, OKC Thunder Forward, is teammates with Steven Adams and Enes Kanter. Both of whom are international big men with incredibly noticeable mustaches which has led to the duo becoming the 'Stache Bros'. Mr. Trey Five tried to prank his teammates by joining in on an interview that featured the 'Stache Bros'

The Slim Reaper was denied entry into the 'Stache Bros' and for good reason, his signature goatee is no match for the Mustache Kings. Even Steven Adams told Durant, "Let us get the spotlight for once..."

Pretty cool nickname for the duo as there are plenty to go around the league. Minnesota's 'Bounce Bros' including Andrew Wiggins & back-to-back dunk champ Zach Lavine, 'Splash Bros' in Golden State with Dell, Jr. and Klay Thomspon, and last but not least 'Flash & Splash' in DC with Wall & Beal.