Will El Paso ever get an H-E-B? Will we ever get to eat at a Cheesecake Factory that isn't out of the city? These are the main questions that El Pasoans ask!

Recently, on the Morning Show, Buzz mentioned how he looks forward to a place called "Braum's" when he heads back home to Oklahoma. I have never heard of this Braum's, but after looking it up, I kind of want to go to it now!

Shortly after that, Megan mentioned that she enjoys a trip to Tucson to check out Trader Joe's. This got me thinking, what place am I willing to take a short drive to just to check it out? I have an answer, but I first decided to ask our Facebook followers:

Of course, we got some great answers! Some I had never heard of, like Braum's, and others I can attest that they are definitely worth the trip! Some of you had the same answers so all together, here are the 27 stores and restaurants that El Pasoans are willing to drive hours for!

27 Stores & Restaurants El Pasoans Will Drive Hours For

Okay, so maybe some of these will take a little longer than a few hours to get to, but I think you would agree that the trip is worth it!

As for me, the one I'm willing to take a road trip for is Waffle House! Don't get me wrong, little diners like The Clock, Armando's and Good Luck Cafe have an amazing breakfast; but there's something about Waffle House that just hits different- maybe it's because we don't have one here and I'm denied those chocolate chip waffles!

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