There is no denying it now. Even the English press believes it.

It is time for Clint Dempsey to move to a "big" club in the Barclay's English Premiere League.

Dempsey is no longer looked at as an American. He is looked at as a footballer. Probably the the highest form of respect in my opinion.

Dempsey's manager, Martin Jol, is hopeful and trying his best to get Dempsey signed as soon as possible but Dempsey is holding out on a decision until after the Premiere League season is over.

Does Dempsey owe Fulham FC for taking a chance on him, yes but he also owes it to himself to go where he can become the best footballer he can. Money will not be an issue either way he decides, so why not go to a big club?

This is why the time is now for Dempsey.

The rumor mill is spinning in East London and right now the most likely destination will be a move to West London to the Emirates Stadium and the Gunners of Arsenal.

This would be the best place for Dempsey.

He wants to play for trophy's every year, check. He wants a chance to win a League title, check. He wants to play in the Champions League, check, and he wants to play with world class players like Robin Van Persie, CHECK!

Arsenal have been looking for a replacement for Cesc Fabregas all year and Dempsey could fill that void perfectly.

So when the summer transfer window comes around, be on the look out for Clint Dempsey and what he decides to do.

Dempsey is lucky, he has a luxury that a lot of athletes hardly ever have, his decision will be about his love of football and not money.


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