For the first time since May of 2001, a club has beaten Manchester United and Arsenal in back to back matches and that club is Wigan Athletic.

In the first 10 minutes of the match, Wigan received goals from Di Santo in the 7th minute and Gomez in the 8th to take a 0-2 lead and never look back.

Arsenal could only manage a goal from Vermaelen in the 21st minute of the match because the Wigan defense was once again like a blanket, just smothering.

Wigan are now 5 points clear of the relegation zone. They have played the last 2 matches like their lives depend on it and quite frankly, they do.

With the loss, Arsenal stay a 5 points ahead of Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United for 3rd place in the English Premiere League table. Arsenal have 10 losses for only the second time in Club history since the league moved to a 38 match schedule.

In nine days, Wigan Athletic have taken Chelsea into stoppage time tied but lost, beaten Manchester United and now for the first time in 9 trips to the Emirates Stadium take down Arsenal. What a roll Wigan is on.

This Saturday, April 21 is Wigan's next match. They travel to East London to Craven Cottage to take on Fulham F.C. and American Clint Dempsey.

Fulham better brace themselves for the the storm coming in that is, Wigan Athletic.

I will keep you updated.