Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson Stepping Down At Manchester United
Since 1986, only one man has been in charge at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson.
Reports started surfacing yesterday that Sir Alex was going to retire but almost every year there are those reports.
Now though, Ferguson has made it official and after the final two matches of the season, what is con…
Giant Killers, Wigan Athletic, Stun Arsenal 1-2
For the first time since May of 2001, a club has beaten Manchester United and Arsenal in back to back matches and that club is Wigan Athletic.
In the first 10 minutes of the match, Wigan received goals from Di Santo in the 7th minute and Gomez in the 8th to take a 0-2 lead and never look back...
Wigan Athletic Shock Manchester United 1-0
As Wigan Athletic took to the pitch this afternoon at home against the mighty table leaders Manchester United, they new that nothing short of perfection was needed to get the 3 points they needed to get out of the relegation zone.
Perfection is exactly what Wigan provided
Wigan Athletic had …
“On The Sidelines’ Podcast 02/10/12 [AUDIO]
The Weekend edition of OTS is here! Don't forget, you could join On The Sidelines in studio! Listen to find out how!
Show topics include: Linsanity in progress, Tiger is helping me keep my hair, Manchester United v Liverpool at 5:30 am tomorrow morning and I am ready for the Daytona 500...