There was a huge shock in Champions League play for the first leg of the round of 16 matches in Athens, Greece today as Olympiacos out played and out preformed English power, Manchester United 2-0.

United fans had hopes of Champions League "glory" but Olympiacos was up to the challenge and earned it's first ever knockout stage victory. The effort by Olymiacos should should not be overshadowed as they came to play and they played an excellent match in all phases.

You have to wonder how long manager David Moyes is going to last at Old Trafford after this truly disappointing loss and after United just announced the contact extension of Wayne Rooney.

As Manchester United leave Athens a shattered mess, one thing is for sure, things are going to change in Manchester but will it be sooner than later and what exactly is going to change? Stay tuned, this is going to get really interesting.

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