Despite strong performances from Steve Kaplowitz and Chad Middleton, the 600 ESPN El Paso stars finished second in the 4th Annual UTEP Soccer Media Shootout. Both radio personalities teamed with members of the UTEP Prospector and El Paso Times and a total of three teams competed in the media challenge. Both Middleton and Kaplowitz successfully scored on their first opportunity and team Radio/Print advanced into the finals against a team of TV personalities. However, their luck ran out in the final round of the shootout.

As you could clearly see in the above video, Middleton, who has never kicked a soccer ball, looked good in his first chance. He also won an award for Best Individual celebration (Paparazzi) and Best Team Celebration. Kaplowitz the final kicker in the group, drilled his first attempt past the goalkeeper, but was unable to attempt his last kick in the finals because the match had already been decided.

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