Since the emergence of NIL (name, image, and likeliness deal), big name college athletes were finally allowed to make money through brand deals and endorsements. This has lead to some pretty interesting and unique partenrships between companies and college athletes. Here is my top 8 list of the most unique and bizarre NIL deals we have seen so far.

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8. Quinn Ewers and Xavier Worthy sign with Fortnite

The Texas quarterback and wide receiver duo announced earlier this year that they will partner with Epic Games, Fortnite. Fortnite is a popular a video game that took the gaming world by storm a few years back when twitch star, Ninja, began streaming crazy trick shots and fun "Victory Royales".

As someone who enjoys video games and played his fair share of Fortnite, I really like this deal a lot. Ewers and Worthy are not only potential stars at Texas, but they are now making money playing video games. That sounds like a pretty sweet set-up to me.


7. Spencer Rattler and Raising Canes

The former Oklahoma quarterback now South Carolina quarterback, partnered with the Louisiana born chicken finger restaurant. I personally love Raising Canes, so I love this deal. However, it is a little weird to think a top college athlete will sponsor a fast food restaurant. It's kind of funny to imagine Rattler getting a box combo after a hard day of practice.

6. Drew Timme and Dollar Shave Club 

This one is actually really Ironic since the Gonzaga hoops star is known for his iconic facial hair. On the other hand, the deal totally makes after seeing the incredible mustached Drew is rocking.

5. Trey Knox and his dog with PetSmart 

This was hands down the most adorable brand deal we have yet to see. The Arkansas WR and his ridiculously cute husky signed there first brand deal with PetSmart. Definitely the most heart warming deal you will see on this list.

4. Jordan Bohannon with Boomin Fireworks 

The former Iowa basketball player signed probably one of the the most unexpected deals we have seen so far when he partnered with Boomin Fireworks. The hooper even promoted a chance to win the shoes he hit a game winner in. With every $10 spent, you could earn a ticket and chance to win the game worn sneakers.

While this is one of the more unusual deals we will see on this list, it had to be extremely convenient around the holidays.

3. Josh Pascal and a pediatric dentist 

This is definitely one of the most "out of left field" brand signings I have seen. The former Kentucky defensive lineman signed a deal with Steckler Pediatric Dentistry and filmed a pretty entertaining commercial to say the least. As weird as this deal was, I am all for players promoting dental hygiene.

2. Dawand Jones and GoPuff

The Ohio State offensive lineman signed one of the most refreshing deals we have seen so far when he teamed up with a candle making company called GoPuff. The funniest part about this deal is the thought of a big tough offensive lineman advertising delicate fragrances.

1. Kool-Aid Mckinstry and Kool-Aid 

This deal is absolutely great! Alabama football player Ga'Quincy 'Kool-Aid' McKinstry signed one the most spot on brand deals in 2021 when he signed with Kool-Aid. Out of all the brand deals out there, none of them are better or more delicious than this one.

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