Sometimes if you’re lucky good things come your way. But you have the best luck when you get to witness a good deed happening right in front of your eyes. At least that is the type of feels I have when I see moments like that.

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Well, Friday after work I was lucky to catch it going down while I sat at a red light. I just want to give a huge shout-out to the gentleman in the white pick-up truck in the picture.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

After stopping at a red light I noticed the man handing out large white bags of clothes to the homeless guys. There are usually a couple of dudes that are regulars for hanging out in a particular spot.

The two homeless guys I have noticed at that spot often are at the corner of Van Buren and Gateway South. That is where the good deed went down that I was able to snap some pictures of.

But this dude certainly made the right move donating his gently used items to the homeless men. A lot of you should know that colder times are coming around faster than usual.

Which if you have seen the homeless in El Paso at night some don't exactly have warm clothes. Next time you clean out the closet consider donating your past winter gear to the homeless.

They're the ones who need it most before you consider donating them to a center. But props to the man in the white truck for hooking the homeless up with clothes.

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