So, we're into the end of voting for the team name for El Paso's Triple A baseball team. Have you voted? No? Think the team names suggested for us to vote on are horrible? Yes? I agree, and apparently you do too, after the fun week SportsTalk has had with the names.

Here's my idea. It may seem a bit radical.

Mountain Star Sports, the team, everyone in charge, making decisions...throw away the votes, forget the idea, and pick a cool team name. Something you would be proud to play under. Something the people of El Paso won't feel like jackasses for having here.

With the names up there for us to vote on...I don't really think too many people will be very upset if you decide the "whole vote for the team name" idea went away.

Give us a cool team name, and this whole incident will be quickly forgotten. But if we have to cheer for the freaking Chinuahuas...well, it won't be fun, I can tell you that.

Do you agree? Should the team throw out those crappy names and move on?

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