According to a new survey by WorkWise Software, Texas is number four in the nation for most drive in theaters in the state. The data collected showed that we are behind Ohio, who is number three, Pennsylvania- number two and New York takes the top spot for most drive in theaters in the state.

Drive in theaters have seen a boom since the start of the pandemic. Despite movie theaters opening back up across the world, it doesn't look like drive in theaters are going away anytime soon; at least until people feel a little safer. Drive in theaters are becoming a lot more than just movies though. Concerts are being held via drive in, it's become an entire event going to the drive in. Which is great, because if you remember, a few months a go I was complaining that drive in theaters thriving across Texas except in El Paso.

Since I wrote about the lack of drive in theaters, El Paso has had some great drive in theater options. The Plaza Classic Film Festival picked up and went on tour this year and held drive in movie screenings at various locations across town. Hangar 7 Studios at the El Paso International Airport also held drive in movie screenings for a few weeks. Most notably, the Sun City Carpool Cinema holds movie screenings at the El Paso County Coliseum every weekend. Recently, they've had a live Queen tribute band perform before the screening of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and had local DJ Johnny Kage perform a set to a socially distanced crowd. This weekend they'll be showing three great crowd-pleasing films. So, grab some popcorn, a blanket and enjoy a movie from the best seat in the house, your own car!

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