Back in March and April as businesses and schools were closing and shelter-in-place directives went into place millions and millions of Americans decided they would use the time to really get into shape. A few may have even followed through with it. But, most people discovered quarantine wasn’t what they thought it would be. First of all, when the gyms closed many, perhaps even most, people were left without a place to work-out. Also, is it just me or has this whole quarantine sapped the will-power right out of you?

So, lots of us ended up sheltering, watching lots of television and, much like a hibernating bear, not getting a whole lot of activity. If you DID use these past 6 months to get totally shredded then, God bless you, but I think you’re the exception. The rest of us have been sedentary and probably put on a few pounds.

But the YMCA is looking to change that! The El Paso YMCA, along with over 100 cities across the country are starting the Strong Challenge. It starts on October the 19th but you can sign up for it today. It costs absolutely nothing. All you have to do is make the commitment to get at least 20 minutes of active exercise 5 days a week. It could be a workout at the gym, shooting some hoops or even taking your dog for a walk. You don’t need to train for the Olympics; just make the commitment to DO something active for 20 minutes, 5 days a week.

You can sign up by going to or simply by clicking here.

The good folks at the YMCA will encourage you with 3 emails per week. There will also be a Facebook group to help you stay on track. If the pandemic has become a “sit-on-your-can-demic” make the commitment today to get strong in body, mind and spirit!

Who knows? Maybe when the six weeks are over you’ll be ready to run in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot!

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