All aboard the El Paso Weather Roller Coaster.

Although the nights have been cold lately, daytime temperatures have remained relatively mild and above normal. But forecasters say that will change for a few days beginning Saturday, Dec. 18.

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Well, That's Probably Not Going to Happen

Much colder temperatures are in the forecast for El Paso this weekend, and with this cold front comes the potential for a snow-rain mix.

The wintry mix may not even pan out, but you never know; Mother Nature does what Mother Nature wants. It's more likely, according to the National Weather Service El Paso, most of the Borderland will remain dry.

Another weather system will approach the area Friday night and early Saturday on a track that will actually take it south of the border most of Saturday and Sunday which will limit precipitation chances to areas mostly east of the El Paso metro area.

At the same time a strong cold front will push in from the east bringing breezy east winds and much colder temperatures to the area. There is a possibility of a rain snow mix for much of Hudspeth County Saturday night and a lesser chance for eastern Otero county. Precip amounts will be light overall.

Potential for Bowls of Caldo is High, However

But temperatures on Saturday and Sunday morning could hover near freezing, so have your fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas at the ready. That means both days hold the potential that at some point during each day I will be found hunched over a steaming bowl of Caldo de Res.

Predicted highs Saturday and Sunday are low to mid 50s. Things will start warming up on Monday and the sun will return, but I will still be dining on caldo, because it could be 105 degrees in the middle of an El Paso summer and I’m still down to slurp. Yup, I’m that guy.


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