A billboard on I-10 has 2 words on it- "Meow Wolf." Does that mean the Santa Fe art collective is opening in the Sun City? We asked the Meow Wolf's CEO and found out. Meow Wolf is an art collective established in 2008 and has turned into a massive arts and entertainment company. With over 400 employees, Meow Wolf is an imaginative company that allows people to experience interactive art and a surreal trip into the minds of the creators.

Meow Wolf started as a dream of the visionary artists that they were able to turn into a reality through the monetary backing of author George R. R. Martin. Martin believed in their innovative and talented team and with his help, brought together something we had never seen before. Since its opening, Meow Wolf has made Santa Fe a tourist hotspot, where the Instagram generation can immerse themselves in the story, or just "do it for the 'gram." The leaders behind Meow Wolf also work hard to give back to the communities they are in and their employees. They recently raised the minimum wage of their employees to $17, sponsored a 10-year-old New Mexico BMX rider for the World Championships in Belgium, along with offering support for art and social projects.

Earlier this month, Meow Wolf had its busiest day ever, with its highest-grossing revenue and most people through the door. This from a company that was established only three years ago. Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe now has a children's learning center, a cafe, a music venue and continues to grow. The Kaleidoscape ride was named the most anticipated ride of 2019 by USA Today and the Los Angeles Times and is now open in Downtown Denver. Meow Wolf is also expanding to Las Vegas in 2020, Denver in 2021, Washing D.C. in 2022. They are also working on a Downtown Phoenix location that will include a fully-operational hotel and music/performance venue inside of the art exhibit. Meow Wolf also work with various music and art festivals to create "popup" Meow Wolfs attendees can enjoy.

With so many expansions under construction, it is hard to imagine they are already looking at new locations to bring the Meow Wolf concept to. A billboard on I-10 in the Sun City simply has two words on it: "Meow Wolf." The CEO of Meow Wolf was in El Paso a month ago and some in the city have been wondering if the New Mexico arts and entertainment company would finally be planting roots in El Paso. Sadly, the answer is no, but there is still hope. When asked, CEO of Meow Wolf Vince Kadlubek shared his affection for the Sun City, but said not yet:

"El Paso is a wonderful city. We wanna be there, nothing official yet, but it’s definitely on the shortlist of cities we love."

El Paso would be incredibly lucky to be chosen one day as a location for the company. With the high minimum wage and job opportunities they could bring with them, Meow Wolf would be absolutely welcome in the El Paso area. Keeps your fingers crossed for the future. You can also learn more about Meow Wolf's humble beginnings by seeing their origin documentary. Check out the trailer above.


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