Richie Incognito’s patience has worn out!

After enduring months of waiting for a resolution regarding the NFL’s investigation into allegations that Incognito bullied teammate Jonathan Martin, the former Dolphins offensive lineman went on the offensive today on his Twitter account. It started off pretty harmlessly…

Hey, happy hump day to you, too, Richie. Wait, what? There’s more? Incognito followed up with some perspective about what his life has been since being suspended on November 3rd by his team.

Then Incognito went on the offensive, first by lashing out at former teammate and friend Jonathan Martin.

Things start to become accusatory as Incognito attacks his former friend and Kenny Zuckerman of Priority Sports and Entertainment who represents Martin.

Umm… Sorry Richie but I don’t think you’ll get a tweet back from either of them. They may be a bit busy trying to sew up whatever loose ends their side of this story may have.

So much for being a loyal friend and teammate as Incognito went on to disclose information he and Martin allegedly shared regarding Martin’s state of mind while playing for the Dolphins.

No matter who you believe or whose side you’re on, this story seems as if it will not have any kind of positive resolution for either player. Has Incognito’s baggage become too large for any team to give him a chance to play again and does Martin’s betrayal of a teammate and locker room rules make him too much of a pariah for teams to bring him on board? According to NFL-appointed investigator Ted Wells, a decision by the NFL on what took place should be resolved in a matter of weeks. Wells has yet to file his final report with the NFL regarding his investigation into the bullying allegations made by Jonathan Martin.

By the way, here’s Incognito’s last tweet on the matter…

Well guess who just blew up his lawyer’s phone line? Thanks Richie!

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