In today's digital age, when a celebrity or professional athlete or high profile person does anything, that piece of information is quickly distributed to us via the various social media platforms. How that news is worded is still important. Yesterday, Dallas Cowboys fans learned the sad news of the death of fan favorite running back Marion Barber III. ABC News decided to take a dig at his career stats while passing along the news and are rightfully getting called out for it.

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Marion Barber was a bruising running back for the Dallas Cowboys from 2005 until 2010. He was also one of the most popular players at the time. He was certainly one of mine. During his time in Dallas, he carried the ball 1042 times for 4,358 yards and scored 47 touchdowns as he and Julius Jones created a "lightning and thunder" backfield for the Cowboys.

Wednesday, June 1, we learned that Frisco police responded to a welfare check at Marion Barber's apartment. Police had to force their way inside where they found Barber had died. Barber was only 38 years old. The cause of his death is undetermined as of this writing.

Barber's teammate, Dez Bryant, said in a tweet from July of 2021 that Barber was "down and out bad." Barber had some mental health issues following his retirement from the NFL in 2012.

What really got some fans up in arms, however, was how ABC News worded their tweet about the running back's death.

That was completely unnecessary and unprofessional on the news site's part and people rightfully are calling them out on it.

Its a sad day for Dallas Cowboys fans and a sad day for journalism. The tweet needs to be reworded to show better decorum and professionalism from what's suppossed to be a professional news organization. Shame.

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