There is nothing like seeing a makeover completely transform a person or thing. Hence, explains why some of us love makeovers so much. A makeover usually tends to help someone feel better about themselves. After someone gets a makeover they most likely feel a boost of confidence.

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We also know the feeling of when we transform something that looks damaged to looking almost new. We have all had some of our old favorite furniture renovated because we simply couldn't let go. On this day some like to call Transformation Tuesday I thought I would share a beauteous masterpiece from a local artist.

Local artist Gabriel Marquez deserves all the credit for his renovation of two payphones. The photo you can see below was shared on the Urbanart915 Instagram page. If you go to Savage Goods that's kind of close to downtown, then you've seen them too.

There are payphones scattered all around El Paso that just look beyond damaged. From the looks of it, it seems as if Gabriel Marquez is trying to change that. The bright colors with white flowers really make those payphone stands pop.

If it came down to a vote a lot of us would prefer to see old rundown payphones looking like this instead. So props to Gabriel Marquez for somewhat bringing the payphone stands we once used back to life. At least now the two payphones make a nice artful decoration for you to see as you pass by. We certainly look forward to future pieces Gabriel Marquez plans to work on.

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