Sometimes in life, we experience some unusual things that have us question if it is the afterlife. Well, there is something that happened that I can't really explain and would like your input on.

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A lot of us have experienced some things we can't necessarily explain after they happen. Well, there is something that happened to me that I can't explain and need your help with.

First, let me tell you about someone this story revolves around. I met this hilarious dude Erick X. Hernandez aka "Cheezy" (who passed away) last year. I met him through my daughter's dad in 2018 when he lived in San Antonio at the time.

My friend Johnny informed me about Erick "Cheezy" Hernandez passing away last year on July 20, 2021. Some of you are probably familiar with Erick Hernandez who went by OptionR on Instagram. He was the dude you saw on The Real Fit Fam El Paso with a golf ball being hit from his bare bottom.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

Well, last year I clearly remember the last message I sent to Cheezy was hearted by him before he passed away. Well, something unusual happened that has me wondering if it was an Instagram glitch or something beyond.

Have you ever thought about someone who passed and you wanted to scroll through old pictures or messages? That is exactly how it was for me one late evening that had me spooked.

On a late Monday night, on August 1, Erick popped up in my head and I decided to read old messages. Come to my surprise, I had a brand new notification from Erick which I knew couldn't be possible.


attachment-1 erick
attachment-1 erick b
attachment-1 erick c

If you look at the pictures I took when it happened you should see the time stamp. The first picture shows the new notification from Erick was 4 seconds old.

So, I figured maybe refreshing the page would correct the unusual notification. Nope! Even after a minute, there was still a blue dot next to his name and at the top of my messages.

But here is where it gets weird, at 11:11 pm the notification completely disappeared from the top. After this happened, I didn't sleep much and spent time researching whether it was a glitch or a possible paranormal situation.

Erick's Instagram isn't memorialized and also no one in his family or even friends have logged in. Believe me, I asked around to find out whether it was a relative or friend using his account.

I understand vanish mode but the thing is that wasn't the case in my situation. So, I would like to know your opinion if this was something from the paranormal or if was it a technical issue.

Seriously though, what are the odds of thinking about someone and then something like that happening? Feel free to leave your two cents about what you think it was in the poll below.

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