Since Halloween is upon us, I recently wrote about some El Pasoans who have their own hearses. Here's what it took to get them looking so sharp.

I posted an article about some El Pasoans that own .. and actually drive around in ... their own hearses. Not just during Halloween season mind you, ALL the time.

They had to do some work on them to get 'em looking "killer" and here are some pics of what the restoration process involved. First up, Ryan Egnatoff.

His arrived in pretty bad shape as you can see but, with a little TLC ... that stands for Terror, Loathsome and Creepy, by the way ... he got her to shine.  (All photos, courtesy of Ryan Egnatoff.)

Next up comes my friend Jerry Walker. He did not have any photos of "his hearse" ... there's that pun again ... but "his" was involved in a fender bender recently. Unlike Christine, Jerry had to put his hearse (wink, wink) back together again by himself.

A couple of interesting things about Jerry's hearse: First, is that it is now restored with 100% original parts and, second, this particular model is one ... number 10 to be exact ... of only 38 that were built in 1985. (All photos, courtesy of Jerry Walker.)

If you happen to see these beauties .. I'm referring to the hearses, not the "his"-es ... out on the road, don't be afraid. Stop and say hi, maybe grab a selfie with a couple of El Paso's creepiest rides.

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