Some lucky people in El Paso had the awesome opportunity to party at Mountain Shadow Lake. Unfortunately, I was not around when parties were lit at Mountain Shadow Lake many years ago.

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But thankfully, there are a couple of YouTube videos you can enjoy as a blast from the past. Now people who were lucky enough to enjoy KLAQ's Balloonfest at Mountain Shadow Lake sure had it made.

If you got to be out there then you recall how big the land of water was there. In 1990, Arturo Dorado sure is a saving grace to recap KLAQ's Balloonfest back then.

People who visited Mountain Shadow Lake were lucky to take kayaks or paddle boats and float around. Hell, even one kid in the video above was using his surfboard just to chill on the lake.

Arturo Dorado definitely caught some great memories on camera of a place we wish still existed. His video sure has me wishing I was born sooner simply to enjoy some fun in the sun at Mountain Shadow Lake.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

In 2018, I visited the old stomping grounds where KLAQ's Balloonfest took place before changing spots. Clearly, from the picture, above you will notice I didn't trespass but snapped a picture of the gate some wish to enter again.

In 2015, there were plans to renovate the spot to employ veterans to run the facility. You can hear Tony Lang's interview with KVIA News below.

Time sure has passed since then, and I am sure other El Pasoans would love to enter Mountain Shadow Lake's gates again.

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