For the longest time El Paso has been regarded as one of the safest cities in America; we were number 3 last year. It's been a debate for quite some time & the debate just got even MORE interesting in 2022 as there's been a few other Texas cities that have claimed as "one of the safest cities":

Diana Meraz-Paulus
Diana Meraz-Paulus

Needless to say these are some VERY interesting tidbits. And where's the place to have a rational & reasonable conversation about differing opinions?

THE INTERNET OF COURSE! (yes that was sarcasm...)

The Moving Waldo story was mentioned on FitFam this week & people certainly weren't afraid to voice their opinions. So let's see some of the funniest comments that were posted online

  • "It's all fun and games until you drive down Darrington and hit a coyote" - donnied217
  • "Whoever wrote that article stayed from 1pm to 1:03pm" - 9allan1more5
  • " 'this is a paid partnership with Horizon County' " - aldewalker
  • "I’ve been living in Horizon since High-school years.. s*** when it first started to grow I remember back when the Whataburger, Walmart and Peter piper put us on the map 😂 anyways only thing that’s bad over here is the illegal dumping but other than that we love our shooting, off-roading and chill vibes. Haven’t met 1 rude person yet in horizon lol" - predatorgrim
  • "Clearly @movingwaldo doesn’t know what they’re talking about because the photo looks like a Midwest city stock image. Not that they had any credibility but whatever ounce of credibility they had is now gone." -srgeo75
  • "Because they have nothing over there" - vmersx
  • "As a horizon resident there's absolutely nothing here so I'd sure as hell hope it's safe" an_overgrown_child_v2

So yeah... perfectly reasonable debates...

Now I personally haven't experienced anything out there that I haven't in El Paso; I've seen my share of plenty of cops out, bad drivers, animals running across the street. I can't decide whether or not Horizon is safer than El Paso.

But that's just my opinion of course...

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