Many years ago the Eastside didn't have very much and is now booming more than ever. The far Eastside seems to be opening all sorts of businesses lately.

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A lot of us have visited a business in a certain part of town we wish existed closer to us. But when you really love a business distance means nothing to you for your favorite stuff or food.

For example, one restaurant is available to people in El Paso in different parts of town. I am referring to a popular Italian joint you know as Ardovino's Pizza in El Paso.

The cool thing about that restaurant is they have several locations for you to visit on the Westside and also one on the Eastside. When your favorite spot is close to you really helps out, especially with how high gas prices are at the moment.

Far Eastside residents are rejoicing about the new and upcoming dining joint that will be opening. Right now the only location The Shack Slice and Brew have open is located on McRae Blvd. in East El Paso.

But eventually, residents of Horizon will get to enjoy The Shack Slice and Brew closer to home. Adrian Soto shared a couple of photos he took about the good news that foodies in the Horizon area would enjoy.

The team at Shack Slice and Brew is certainly excited to be reunited at its old stomping grounds. There isn't really a specific date as to when far Eastside residents can expect to eat at The Shack Slice and Brew but we do know eventually.

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