The City of El Paso Department of Public Health is now offering vasectomy services for men who want an affordable birth control option.

Gentlemen, do you have 99 problems and baby mama drama is most of them?

The City of El Paso Department of Public Health wants to help. The City announced last week that it will be offering vasectomy services for men in the borderland who want to take the initiative and find an affordable birth control option for themselves.

A vasectomy is "one of the most effective kinds of birth control," and is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, according to Planned Parenthood. The surgical procedure involves cutting the duct that supplies sperm from the testes to the urethra and in about 3 months, a man can be sperm free. While a vasectomy may seem scary to some, the procedure isn't as terrifying as it might seem.

There will be some discomfort after the procedure but after a few days, men will feel back to normal according to Planned Parenthood.

People who are interested in more information on family planning services offered by the City of El Paso Department of Public Health can set up an appointment for a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for vasectomy services. The cost of the procedure will be discussed but people will not be turned away due to an inability to pay, per KTSM News.

To make an appointment for a consultation, please visit the City of El Paso's Public Health website. For more information please contact Laura Sandoval at (915) 212-6731.

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