When you hear people from across the country talk about El Paso, there are a few things that frequently get mentioned. The food is one of the first, and that's usually shortly followed by the art. El Paso has some amazing artists and now some of them are featured in an article in the New York Times. CLICK HERE to check out the article.

One of the main themes the article covers is migration and how deeply rooted into the Borderland it is. Here is a part of the article that comes from an interview with Victor 'Mask' Casas, who is one of the artists featured in the article:

Mr. Casas, a local mural artist, goes by the name Mask. “Everything is migration,” he tells me, a perspective shaped by his upbringing between the sister cities of El Paso and Juárez on the other side of the Rio Grande. His mother lives in El Paso. When he was alive, his father resided in Juárez, making a living renting out inner tubes so that migrants could clandestinely cross. “Even my mind migrates back and forth,” Mask says.

It would only take you a few minutes driving around El Paso to realize how much art plays a roll in the lifeblood of the city. CLICK HERE to check out an article that Joanna put together for an amazing mural in town that celebrates Disney/Pixar's Coco.

Art is definitely a big part of the Borderland. Make sure to support it whenever you can.

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