When you think of El Paso mascots so many come to mind from old to new. There is a wall that stands out and represents mascots from our past to the present time. UrbanArt915 had posted a picture on Valentine's Day that a couple of local artists Joshua Perez and John Sunderland had painted.

The mural of mascots features the Diablos Chili D logo (but we all know their mascot was a chicken), Amigo Man, as well as including the El Paso Buzzards mascot. The wall of art not only has mascots but other things that symbolize El Paso. For example the Asarco tower, the star on the mountain, and La Equis (the red X in Ciudad Juarez).

As for the new mascots, that represent our baseball and soccer team. Those mascots are Chico for the El Paso Chihuahuas and Ozzy for El Paso Locomotive FC.

This wall of El Paso mascots came out beautifully and didn't know it existed until recently. Especially how well each mascot is pieced together on a wall that didn't have very much space for the artist. The mural of El Paso mascots is near Silvia's Grocery that is located in Central on Magoffin Avenue.

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The mural is between Cotton Street and Piedras Street. Don't get me wrong I love everything about this mural but I was pretty bummed to learn that the City of El Paso's Gus & Goldie were MIA. Those mascots were also a part of El Paso's history back in the day.

Some of us as children back then needed those two fishies to pump up our motivation to learn how to swim. As mentioned before that wall was a bit of a tight space as you can see. I hope maybe in the future they can be squeezed in there since they once were a part of El Paso for quite some time. If you also share the same feelings as me leave your two cents in the poll below.

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