El Paso artists are talented. No doubt about it. Anytime we see some truly amazing art around town, we HAVE to share it. Recently we've seen some amazing art made out of trash & some beautiful murals as tributes to the Uvalde shooting.

Well we have some more art to share with you in the form of time-lapse videos. You know those videos that saw off the whole process of something, sped up very quickly obviously, and then it shows off the final product in the end.

The Instagram user Visual_Bluff has a couple on his page that people really have taken a liking to. Like this one where they paint the inside of the Kalavara Culture building on Santa Fe, Street.

Another one I personally like is this one where they paint on the Elev8 Gym. The reason why I like this one so much? I just love the cartoon aesthetic, makes me think back of some 90s cartoons.

And then there's this one showing off a beautiful Mexican flag:

What about HUGE skulls? Yup. He's got you covered there:

Here's another one that's very fitting since the business is called Red Skull Fitness

Another favorite of mine is this really simple mural of a sarape with El Paso below it. Something about it just feels... comforting. It's a nice simple piece that I personally enjoy.

I know there are many more artists in town so I encourage you to keep painting, keep being creative. Show the world your talents & your skills. If you want to see more amazing local artists, you can see some right here.

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El Paso Artist Jessie Gandarilla

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