Calling all local artists that would like to help out a good cause. The El Paso Del Norte AAZK (The American Association of Zoo Keepers) will host their first-ever 'Creativity Meets Conservation' Virtual Art auction. The whole point for this virtual art auction is to help animal conservation and relief funding. The El Paso Del Norte AAZK is asking for local artists who are willing to help out with their masterpieces. Whether you are a good sketch artist, painter, sculptor, or wildlife photographer your artistic work can help. The El Paso Del Norte AAZK is asking for local artists to donate or sell their artwork during the auction. The proceeds will go towards animal conservation and relief funding that your artwork will be sold for. There is even a furry artist that is creating a special piece of art with their two webbed feet. For example, the El Paso Zoo's Cuban Whistling Duck, Fidel, is making an art piece of his own. Fidel created his own piece of canvas that will be at the upcoming art auction.

The only time working for free is okay is if it is helping out a good cause. This is definitely a good cause that is worthy of the beautiful artwork you put time into making. They want your special artwork to be a part of this first-ever virtual art auction to help out their good cause. The virtural art auction will be held Tuesday, September 1 through September 8. If you would like to make history with The El Paso Del Norte AAZK you can message them on their Instagram page.

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