Estrella Jalisco is brightening up our neighborhoods with commissioned murals that honor local stars who bring color and inspiration to our lives.

Estrella Jalisco encouraged the El Paso community to nominate a Local Star - a person who is making a positive impact in their unique way. This summer, public art murals began to pop up in communities across Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and El Paso. Two such colorful, and larger-than-life murals have gone up here in the Sun City that visually reflect Estrella Jalisco’s vibrant, colorful heritage and have a special connection to its neighborhood by featuring a Local Star.

El Pasoans were invited to nominate local stars via social media who are making a big impact and bringing positivity into our community. After many submissions, two El Pasoans were selected to be featured on these murals along with a donation to help advance their mission. Two local artists were also chosen to create these larger than life murals.

Estrella Jalisco Star: Patrick Gabaldon

Muralist: Cimi

Patrick Gabaldon - The first local star selected was Patrick Gabaldon, a local artist who supports causes related to migrant children, black lives matter, animal rights, LBGTQ, and social justices through donations raised by his artwork.

Cimi - Local artist Jesus CIMI Alvarado who was selected to create the mural is best known for his art honoring the Chicano and Latino culture, and for often leveraging political and/or social messages through his artwork.

This mural can be found on the corner of Brown and Texas streets in downtown El Paso.

Cimi Patrick Gabaldon Mural 2 ma
Cimi Patrick Gabaldon Mural ma

Estrella Jalisco Star: Iris Lopez

Muralist: Martin "Blaster" Zubia

Iris Lopez - The second local star selected was El Paso resident Iris Lopez who is a local weather anchor for KVIA. Lopez has been a longtime advocate for mental health and female empowerment via her platform, Mija, Yes You Can, where she shares stories of women who have overcome hardships to accomplish amazing things.

Martin "Blaster" Zubia - Martin Zubia was the second local artist selected to create the mural featuring Iris Lopez.  Zubia, who’s been a longtime member of Artspace has been creating murals for over 25 years.

This mural can be seen at 801 N. Piedras St., El Paso, TX 79903.

Ace Acosta
Ace Acosta
Iris Lopez Mural Ace Acosta 3

Estrella Jalisco has pledged $1 million to bring colorful art to communities such as El Paso, TX by 2025.


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