With week 1 of the NFL season coming to an end, many of you fantasy owners might be questioning some of your top draft picks right about now. Though there were some spectacular games throughout the league, here are a few players with not so spectacular performances.

Leading the pack of "bust" players this week? Peyton Manning, getting the win but not in the hearts of fantasy owners. According to Yahoo! fantasy scoring, Manning was projected a favorable 19.9 pts but instead produced 5.9 pts. Manning completed just over half of his 40 pass attempts  for a whopping 175 yards, no TDs and one Interception. Now, before you go for the drop button on this egghead of the game, he might just be working out the kinks of his 39-year-old body.

Adrian Peterson's long-awaited return left some owners wondering if they should have waited on picking up the 30-year-old Minnesota Vikings running back. With 10 carries for 31 yards, Peterson averaged 3.1 yards a carry, which was nearly the same amount of points he got for owners.

My third and final bust of the week belongs to Sammy Watkins, for failing to give owners a single fantasy point, according to Yahoo! fantasy scoring. The Bills number one WR was as productive as the Redskins DeSean Jackson, who failed to catch a pass and left the game early due to a pulled hamstring.

The season is still young and all three player are healthy so before jumping on the waiver wire, I'd give them another week -- then again I don't have any of these players on my team.

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