The running back position is one of the most dynamic positions in all of sports, you've got to be back to take a pounding, catch the ball, and just overall you have to be one heck of an athlete to play the position. Fantasy football is a craze that has swept the nation for decades and continues to grow in popularity by the year.

The running back position in fantasy football is a tricky one to decipher, you've got to decide your strategy, do you go with big-name guys early on and hope and pray they stay healthy, or do you stack other positions and piece together your backs? Injuries are always prevalent when it comes to a fantasy running back, very rarely does a guy complete a full season wire-to-wire without any bumps or bruises.

I generally like to try and stack running backs, creating depth at the position assuming that somewhere along the way it'll come in handy.

Now, if you happened to have one of these ten guys during a specific season you had to royally screw up the rest of your draft in order to not have success, or maybe you had a bad run of injuries.

Either way, I was curious as to who the most dominant running backs were over the years in fantasy football. I came across the ten best seasons ever had by RBs in fantasy football history and we'll be counting them down for you here.

Take a look, did you have any of these guys in fantasy the year they absolutely dominated?

Top 10 Fantasy Seasons From RB's


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