Most parents proudly support their children during sporting events. Wearing a team jersey, cheering them on, and even creating embarrassing signs are just a few ways parents show their pride for their little players.

While both Mom and Dad might be in the stands, only moms were invited to one high school practice to teach their sons a life lesson.

This lesson wasn't about managing money or cleaning their room, it was about tackling.

What is Mom's Night?

According to, the Washington Panthers let the players' moms throw on some gear and charge at their sons.

Of course, the moms didn't injure their sweet little boys. The tackling exercise was all for fun but might have been therapeutic for some mothers with grievances.

@espn This high school team had a “mom night” where they suited up to tackle their sons 😂 (via KurtPegler/TW) #motherson #momlife #football #bighit ♬ Originalton - Alisa

I have no idea if any schools in El Paso, let alone Texas are allowing this type of practice. High School football is taken very seriously in Texas. Maybe a little TOO serious.

I know it is blasphemous to say such a thing.

But, I think it is a great team bonding exercise to host fun practice nights on "easy" days for the players.

If this happens in El Paso, PLEASE let me know ASAP! I totally want to see how hard El Paso moms go in full gear!

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