Experience the breathtaking views and exciting thrills of flying over El Paso on a paramotor. I'm a person who loves to push myself to face my fears and get over them. That's why I wanted to find an activity that could help me get over my fear of heights and rollercoasters. I looked up skydiving but jumping out of a plane seemed a little too intimidating for me. That's when I started looking up hang gliding and thought this could be something where I'm still in the air but not falling. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of options in the area to go hang gliding so I had trouble finding somewhere nearby I could go and try the activity on the weekend. Luckily, a chance meeting allowed me to experience something similar but to me, even more exhilarating.

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There are an avid group of paramotorists who spend their free time flying through the El Paso skies. I met one of these thrill-seekers who introduced me to Anthony Kvella who owns West Texas Paramotors. I signed up to take a sunset ride and was blown away by the ease of the ride and the stunning vies I was able to experience while up in the air. Check out the video below to see my experience for yourself. You can find out more information on paramotoring at the FlyEPTX website or Facebook page.

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