Today was the big day, the nations best high school basketball player, Andrew Wiggins, was to decide where he would be attending college next year and to steal a quote "taking his talents" shall we say.

His final choices came down to Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina. In case you were wondering about FSU, his parents both went there and so he added them to the list out of respect. Or at least that is the only explanation.

So the time came and the underdog, Kansas, shocked not only the world but the Kentucky and North Carolina fans as well when Wiggins chose the Jayhawks.

Within seconds, Twitter was blowing up with not only the news that Wiggins picked Kansas but also hatred and foul mouthed fans bashing him for his choice.

Pathetic right?

You give people a platform and a voice, like what you have on Twitter and what do they do? Attack a high school basketball player because he made the best choice for himself.

I wish that I could put up these Tweets so everyone could see them but do to the context and the language in them, I don't think it is right to post them.

However, if you want to see them you can go to Andrew Wiggins Twitter account, @22wiggins. Just scroll through his mentions.

We have a running joke on SportsTalk. An affectionate name for some of our followers on Twitter, we call them "Trolls". But these people who attacked Wiggins are what the word "Troll" was intended to be used for.

Grow up people.


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