If you don't know who Jay J. Armes is, you probably haven't been in El Paso long. The guy is a local legend and not just because he has hooks for hands and is a private detective who once found the son of movie legend Marlon Brando when he had been kidnapped and was the subject of an action figure. You get the picture - the guy has really lived a colorful life. Check out this video of Armes talking about his exploits:

He lives on an estate worthy of such a legend but has decided that, at the age of 88, he really doesn't need a 13,387 square foot mansion anymore and has decided to put his property up for sale.

Earlier today a listener asked me if he will be having an estate sale. I mean, if you're downsizing, chances are all that stuff won't fit in your new place. Well, it turns out Jay J. Armes is going to have an estate sale.

Unlike his estate, the sale won't cost you 3 million dollars but there are some high rolling items you might want to break into your piggy back to pay for. Armes is selling his 1962 Shadow Rolls Royce, his bulletproof Cadillac limo, his hooks, spy equipment and many animals. Unfortunately, the animals are not live exotic beasts, they are animals that have been preserved via taxidermy. No word on if they are the ones that used to have the run of the grounds of the Armes estate. Looking for a suit? There are 500 personally tailored suits with Armes' logo on the list of items to buy.

El Paso’s A New Beginning Estate Sales and Appraisals will be managing the Armes estate sale that is scheduled to be held October 16 through October 18. Get your money ready.

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