Last month an El Paso dad experienced the worst kind of news no parent should ever hear. Edgar Avila's daughter had a skating accident at Carolina Skate Park that led to her death. Lizbeth Avila has been an avid skater for about 7 years.

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Lizbeth Avila went out to skate one day and unfortunately didn't pull through from her severe head injury. It is said that if she had been wearing a helmet, this accident could have been prevented. If you've been out to the local skate parks you've seen some skaters staying protected while others aren't.

Now some believe the "cool" thing to do is NOT wear a helmet but in reality, it's actually the uncool thing to do. By wearing a helmet you're protecting your safety so you can continue to enjoy skating ahead of time. Well, Lizbeth Avila's dad would like to see a change happen at local skate parks.

Edgar Avila wants to see a change of rules indicating and requiring skaters to wear protective gear. I am positive other parents would also back up this change Edgar Avila is requesting. He wants this change in order to prevent other parents from going through the same thing as him.

KTSM 9 News spoke with Lizbeth Avila's father Edgar and boyfriend Johnny Hernandez about the situation. You can hear the interview that is featured right above. Feel free to place your opinion in the poll below if skate parks in El Paso should require helmets.

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