If you're concerned about foxes you've seen in your neighborhood, here are some tips to get them out of your yard humanely.

The conversations on the Next Door app are always interesting and worth checking out. I find myself sometimes reading conversations in neighborhoods that aren't near mine, just to see what people are talking about. Lately, there has been some conversations about various wildlife coming into people's yards including coyotes and foxes.

While they can be a nuisance, foxes are a necessary part of our region's ecosystem and if possible they should be left alone. If you do find them becoming an issue in your yard, the Humane Society has some helpful tips on how to deal with foxes in your yard.

Foxes are naturally fearful of humans so if you see one in your yard, chances are they're just passing through and will scurry away on their own. Sometimes they will be attracted to leftover food in the trashcan so make sure you secure your trashcan lids on correctly. Foxes could prey on small animals so if you see a fox in your yard, it's better to keep your pets inside.

If a fox has built a den on your property and you want the foxes to move out soon, you can place shiny party balloons by the entrance to disturb them, or a stinky shirt by the den's entrance. To find more tips and tricks to get foxes off your yard, please visit the Humane Society website.

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