Let’s take things back to the year 1978. Back then the cost of a gallon of gas was only 63 cents, the first test-tube baby was born, movies like Grease and Saturday Night Fever first premiered, and a small pizza shop opened up its doors in the small Texas City, El Paso.

The business in question? House of Pizza which is located on Piedras street in central El Paso. Fast forward 44 years later and the small El Paso-owned business is still thriving and giving locals that authentic family-style pizza.

House of Pizza shared a post on their Instagram celebrating their 44th anniversary with a few throwback photos that showed the business back when they first opened their doors.

According to another post on their Instagram page, “House of Pizza started as a passion for cooking then converted into a dream to own our own business.⁠”

The first time I went to House of Pizza was a few years back after me and my co-worker had just finished a busy day of gathering elements for our news story of the day. He asked if I had ever tried their pizza and when I answered, No, he was in shock! After trying one of their classic pizza's I was in shock, too!

Many locals shared their fond memories of the local pizza shop on the business's Instagram post with one person writing, “These are awesome!! The only pizza my dad would allow us to eat as kids. Still the best,” and another person praising House of Pizza’s pastrami sandwich.

Happy 44th Birthday House of Pizza! Thanks for the trip down memory lane and cheers to another 40 years!

House of Pizza Turns 44


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